CBT Chelmsford have been providing

Mental Health Assessments in Essex since 2015.  

At CBT Chelmsford we have a track record of comprehensively assessing the mental health and wellbeing of people in the local area to an extremely high standard, both privately and in the NHS. We offer online, face-to-face, telephone and on-site assessment.  

We also offer a number of other services:

- Onward referrals to trained therapists. 

- Direct professional referrals to local organisations.

- Psychological formulation, or a description of the problem and an explanation for what appears to have caused it, detailing how the problem is maintained and what can be done about it). We do not offer a diagnosis, however a formulation often offers more information about the problem than a diagnostic label is able to. 

Please note that we do not provide a crisis service; anyone considering an assessment who appears to be at significant risk of harming themselves or someone else will not be able to be assessed and will be signposted to appropriate crisis services.